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The Local Church treasurer will communicate the Presbyterial budget items to the Circles or other interested women in the church, and manage the local organization’s funds to collect and distribute them appropriately. See the additional pages for details on the Offerings that are gathered as well as the recognition gifts of Partner in Ministry, Life Membership, Love Gift, and Memorials. In Sept 2013 Women’s Ministries changed to the Jan-Dec annual calendar for Treasurer budget tracking.

Reporting Dates for Quarterly Reports

First Quarter: Jan, Feb, Mar

Must be in by March 15, please allow time for mailing

Second Quarter: April, May, June

Must be in by June 15, please allow time for mailing

Third Quarter: July, Aug, Sept

Must be in by Sept 15, please allow time for mailing

Recognition gifts must be mailed prior to July 10

Fourth Quarter: Oct, Nov, Dec

Must be in by Dec 10 – notice the change in due date

All reports received after the due date will be posted to the following quarter.

Budget Line Items Explained:

Jubilee Birthday: provides support for designated female missionaries.

Retired Missionaries Fund: an annual gift is given to those on the World Witness retirement list.

Family Bible Conference: helps to pay conference expenses, including a Bible teacher who teaches on the selected book for the upcoming year.

The ARP Magazine: used to offset the cost of the denomination’s magazine which contains ARP Women’s Ministries information and articles.

Synodical Hall: used to pay utilities and upkeep of the building at Bonclarken that belongs to the women of the denomination.

Silver Tea Offering: offering taken during the Silver Tea during the Family Bible Conference, used for upkeep of Synodical Hall.

Operating Expenses: used to pay copying and mailing expenses, the expenses of the annual meeting, quarterly board meetings, and executive committee meetings, etc.

Women’s Ministries Synod Events: include Oasis (leaders’ wives seminar during Synod) and Church Planter Wives’ Brunch

Women’s Coordinator: pays the salary, taxes, and expenses of the part time administrator. The job of the Coordinator is to encourage and equip ARP women to minister together for God’s glory and purpose. The Coordinator is available to assist any local Women’s Ministry or Presbyterial and is the liaison between Synod and ARP Women’s Ministries.

Thank Offering, Life Memberships, Memorials, Love Gifts, and Partners in Ministry are put in the general fund to meet the approved budget items.


2013 Changes

As you are aware, there are two significant changes in ARPWM’s financials beginning September 1, 2013.
First, all bookkeeping is being transferred to the ARP Central Services office in Greenville, SC.
Second, Presbytery Quarterly Submission Forms are in a new format.  The only funds that are now being designated are Jubilee Birthday funds and Contingency funds.  All other funds will be lumped into one line “Funds Supporting 2013-2014 Approved Financial Plan”.
ARPWM has had a recurring problem each year in that at each Annual Meeting a Financial Plan is approved and each Presbytery submits funds designated to portions of the Financial Plan.  The problem is that not all areas of the Financial Plan are being funded.  However, each area of the Financial Plan was approved and therefore has to be paid.  Furthermore, total receipts from Presbyteries have decreased over the years and the Financial Plan that was in place for a few years was no longer being met.  ARPWM was running out of money very quickly.
Update from Central Services meeting and Executive Board Meeting September 13th.
The fiscal year for ARP Women’s Ministries is changing to the January – December calendar year for operational purposes.  I have revised he Quarterly Presbytery Submission forms and the Quarterly Church Submission forms to reflect these new dates. Those reports are attached. We also made a change in te wording of the former category of “contingency funds” to general fund with the suggestion of $4.00 per member.