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Ideas for Promoting and Supporting Missions in Your Church

  1. Mission Bulletin Boards – change monthly or seasonally – use themes
  2. Create a prayer poster – keep it updated with information from missionary letters. Post in Sunday School class or church’s bulletin board.
  3. Keep pastor informed of missionary prayer requests.
  4. Keep up-to-date on missionaries via the World Witness website:  (Password required-may be set up online)
  5. Connect with a missionary live via SKYPE or other internet sources and allow them to send greetings to the congregation, Sunday School class or youth group.
  6. Encourage missionaries through regular correspondence via letters, e-mail, blogs, Facebook, etc.
  7. Remember missionaries on their birthdays and other occasions by sending cards signed by all members of Sunday School class, Senior Citizen group, Women’s Ministries group or Small Group.
  8. Send a “care package” – e-mail the missionary for ideas of what items their family likes or needs and for advice on how and where to send it.
  9. Invite a missionary to speak – during Sunday School, Senior Citizen group meeting, Youth Group, Small Group, Prayer Breakfast, Luncheons.
  10. Organize a Missions Conference.
  11. Plan an International dinner and show a missions video or invite a missionary to speak. Have Sunday School classes compete in table decorations (theme) that feature a particular country.
  12. Have a monthly “Moment for Missions” during the Worship Service.  (This could be done with a missions theme for the children’s sermon.)
  13. Provide coin collection cans for children to save their money for missions.  Collect the cans each month and send a check to World Witness.  Source for ordering cans:
  14. Be the missionary story person for children’s Sunday School classes.
  15. Keep youth informed and encourage outreach opportunities with local missions, as well as, foreign missions.
  16. Support financially and in prayer people who go on short-term mission trips.
  17. Take a “vacation with a purpose” – visit missionaries, volunteer your time and resources.
  18. Promote special missions offerings such as Jubilee Birthday.
  19. Attend World Focus, Family Bible Conference and other denominational sponsored mission-emphasis events.
  20. Host furloughing missionaries in your home.
  21. Provide a home for furloughing or vacationing missionaries.
  22. Donate a used car to a missionary or provide a car for temporary use by furloughing or vacationing missionaries.

Missionaries Need:

  • women who pray
  • women who keep mission-related prayer requests known to prayer groups and the church
  • women who study and teach others about missions
  • women who share missionary stories with children during Sunday School and VBS
  • women who teach Moment for Missions in the morning worship service
  • women who correspond (cards, letters, phone calls, e-mails)
  • women who keep others up-to-date by sharing news from missionary prayer letters
  • women who encourage
  • women who organize and send care packages
  • women who give financially
  • women who serve on missions committees
  • women who serve as missions and outreach chairman
  • women who create missions bulletin boards
  • women who give of their time to help promote missions programs/conferences and special offerings
  • women who host furloughing missionaries in their home
  • women who cook and prepare food for covered dish meals for visiting missionaries
  • women who prepare tables, etc for covered dish meals
  • women who clean up after covered dish meals
  • women who help send & support short-term groups
  • women who help send & support full-time missionaries

Missionaries need……….YOU!!!

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