What is Missions & Outreach

What Is Missions and Outreach of ARP Women’s Ministries?

The committees of ARP Women’s Ministries have somewhat comforting titles, they sound very much like titles we’ve heard before. But the tasks of these committees and the chairmen of them are quite different. Before, as chairmen of departments, we worked to provide suggested programs of activities or at least goals that those with similar titles in our WOCs were to meet. Now, we gather resources, in some cases creating them, to provide to the Administrator who will have them available to you to help you meet your own goals.

The Missions and Outreach Committee has prepared a booklet on the Jubilee Birthday celebration and a list of resources available within the ARP church. Shelia Osborne has created this page with some details about the two Jubilee Ladies currently supported. The chairman has written articles for the ARP Magazine which share ideas for new ways to celebrate the Jubilee Birthday and ways to be involved in outreach locally, denominationally, and throughout the world.  What does this mean for those of you in WOCs or Women’s Ministries in your local churches? It means that as you develop or revise your ministries and find that you need some help carrying out your goals, you will be able to contact the Administrator and she will have resources to recommend to you. These may be pamphlets you can order and pass out to those who are new to your church. They may be books or ARP Magazine articles you can refer to that will help you start something new or add a refreshing twist to your Jubilee Birthday parties. They may be a book or video studies to help you learn as a group about a need or ministry opportunity. However, all these resources will be to help you meet the goals you have set for your own group with the guidance and encouragement of the Session and Diaconate of your own local church.

It is my prayer that this will be used by God to grow His kingdom, in both the spiritual maturing of ARP women and others coming to know Him.

A list of Goals and Objectives for Missions and Outreach


  1. Look for materials on personal evangelism training.
  2. Recommend resources for those teaching children and youth (in the immediate family or through the church family) relating to personal testimony or words and example.
  3. Or develop materials on how to sponsor a mission’s conference and encourage women to host missionaries in their homes.


  1. Offer training through workshops at conferences/retreats/seminars for women to learn how to share their faith one on one.
  2. Help women understand their responsibility to share their testimony, as well as resources to build the kingdom one person at a time.
  3. Encourage women to volunteer to help with evangelism, visitation and outreach through the local church.
  4. Educate women on how powerful a personal testimony of one’s own walk of faith can be.


  1. Jubilee Birthday celebrations
  2. Encourage women to work with their Pastors, Sessions, and Missions Committee to keep women aware of the opportunities for involvement in the local churches for themselves and family.
  3. Encourage missions involvement of every member of the congregation – adults, youth, and children
  4. Local women to make themselves aware of community service agencies, i.e., battered women’s shelters, soup kitchens, and food distribution centers.
  5. Encourage women to be involved in any way possible with the Church Planting efforts of our denomination in their neighborhoods and presbyteries.


  1. Check out the World Witness website for ideas. The Fall Dinners are a great place to learn about what World Witness is up to. Check out their newsletters, read their publication Love Lines for prayer needs, see the enclosed birthday list and send cards to the missionaries.
  2. Check out the Outreach North America website and sign up for their newsletters and publications. They can even email you a prayer list. See the enclosed Partnership information for a mission church and some ideas for ways to reach out to them.
  3. In your own church, look for things people are complaining about or mentioning as a need and have the women of your church fill that gap. (We’re used to doing that.)