Partnership with Church Extension

Joan Thomas, a former Missions and Outreach Chairman worked with the Church Extension Committee (the First Presbytery committee for Outreach North America and church planting) to form a partnership.  The goal of this partnership is to provide an opportunity for the Women’s Ministries organizations of churches in First Presbytery to reach out to encourage and support the mission congregations and redeveloping churches.


Purpose: To provide an ongoing source of encouragement and support to mission congregations and redeveloping churches under the oversight of the Church Extension Committee.

Procedure: The current Missions Chairman of First Presbyterial will assign each active WOC one of the mission congregations or one of the redeveloping churches to partner with in prayer and encouragement.

Each year the mission congregations and redeveloping congregations will be re-assigned to a different WOC.

Over time, the WOCs will gain a broader perspective on who and where the missions are and increase their knowledge and support of the Church Extension work.

The mission congregations and redeveloping churches will have additional support and connections which will help strengthen and expand their work.

Suggested Activities:

  1. Each WOC and each individual WOC member will pray regularly for the mission developer and the congregation.
  2. Each WOC will send notes of encouragement to the mission developer and congregation.
  3. If close enough, visits will be planned for worship services or just to extend Christian love and fellowship.
  4. The mission developer or a representative from the mission will be invited to speak to your WOC or your entire congregation.
  5. A joint service or special service can be planned with the mission congregation – if distance allows.
  6. If your church has a choir or vocalist who could be used by the mission congregation, arrange a time for sharing special music with the mission.
  7. Assist, train, and teach the women of the mission congregation or redeveloping church in organizing a Women’s Ministries Program and ministry opportunities.
  8. Send volunteers from your congregation to help with literature distribution and other events held by the mission congregation or redeveloping church.
  9. Work with the mission congregation or redeveloping church to hold a Vacation Bible School or a Kids’ Day Out Program.
  10. If distance allows, include the mission congregation or redeveloping church in your congregation’s special services and activities.
  11. Inform the mission congregation or redeveloping church of the activities and events on the Synod and Presbytery levels and encourage their attendance and participation.
  12. Send the mission congregation or redeveloping church a “We Are Praying for You” note signed by the members of your WOC or the entire congregation.
  13. Ask the mission congregation or redeveloping church for regular prayer requests and updates on the work (at least quarterly).
  14. Mail the mission congregation or redeveloping church a copy of your church bulletin and/or newsletter on a regular basis.
  15. Take photographs of your church and its activities and send them to the mission congregation and ask them to send you photographs of their congregation and its activities.
  16. Maintain a current bulletin board in a visible location in your church to post the interchanges between your congregation and theirs.
  17. Make financial contribution to the assigned congregation or plan a special project to raise some funds to send to the congregation.

— developed by Mrs. Joan Thomas, 2002; revised 09/01/09


Tell us what you have done with your Mission Church this year. You can use the report template below to check in or just send me an email listing or describing what you have done. If you have an idea that other churches may want to use, please let me know and I will add the information to these pages.

You can reach me at


WOC/Church Extension Partnership Report

WOC ______________________________________________________________________________

Assigned Mission or Church ____________________________________________________________

Check List:

Yes No 1. Our WOC prays regularly for our assigned congregation.

Yes No 2. Our WOC has sent letters/notes of encouragement to our assigned congregation.

Yes No 3. The Pastor or someone from our assigned congregation has come to speak to our WOC/congregation.

Yes No 4. Our WOC is assisting the women in our assigned congregation with the establishment of a Women’s Ministries Group.

Yes No 5. Our WOC has participated in a special project to assist our assigned congregation.

Give a brief description and comments on your interaction with and your ministry to your assigned mission/church.