Missions & Outreach

Missions and Outreach means a focus on people and needs outside of your own church. This  covers ARP Missionaries with World Witness and ARP mission churches through Outreach North America(ONA) in First Presbytery, then the many opportunities beyond that. The ONA website has their prayer updates and newsletters available right on the home page.

To assist you we are providing you with a list of potential activities an established church could initiate in outreach to a mission church. Some of these activities could also be done for mission families in other countries. Please use the list as a beginning for brainstorming. There are plenty of ways you could personalize your support. The missionaries and local church developers are always in need of any encouragement they can get! Remember, it can be as simple as sending a card a few times a year.

To try to provide some direction I have matched up many of our established churches with a mission church, you can see the list here. The Church Extension committee of First Presbytery asks that we change these partnerships each year so the established churches have a chance to come to know about and care for a number of the mission churches. Each year feel free to continue a relationship with a prior partner, and reach out to the new partner. Those missions churches and church developers can never have too many people praying for them and showing them support and love.

Don’t forget to check out the ONA website for more information on our Mission Churches and other outreach opportunities.