Vice President

In our new structure of Women’s Ministry flexibility is the key. Do what works for your church. The following ideas are general things that might help you in developing your ministry:

  1. Serve on WM/WOC Board
  2. Preside in absence of President or Team Leader
  3. Be an assistant to the President. If you are a small church, you might also be her secretary
  4. Chair committee work such as but not limited to:
    1. Constitution and Bylaws
    2. Program
    3. Yearbook
    4. Membership & Visitation
  5. Keep a notebook of your work and activities in order to make the job easier for the new VP.

The Vice President is the right arm of the President. Talk often, discuss all upcoming plans, work together. (You’ll be in her shoes soon.)

The Vice President is often the Program chairman. All programs should be inspirational and informative.

The Vice President is responsible for all circle changes. Keep abreast of the need for new circles.

The Vice President is the editor of the WOC/WM Yearbook. The book should include: circle members, addresses, phone numbers, WOC officers, flower schedule, Presbyterial officers, Circle and WOC/WM meeting dates, designated offerings such as Jubilee Birthday and Thank Offering, and the dates of Presbyterial and Women’s Ministries Annual Meetings.

The Vice President oversees the Constitution and By-Laws Committee. Be familiar with the constitution and how it relates to your women. Keep it updated. Be sure all women are aware of any changes.

The Vice President needs to involve new and inactive members. Be aware of all new members in your church. Personally invite the women to attend a circle. Provide transportation to their first meeting. Encourage inactive members to become active.

See the Presbyterial website ( for resources for programs. Consider the Director of Bonclarken, a contact with ONA or World Witness, Erskine College, Christian Education, even the Presbyterial officers. Also consider the local Crisis Pregnancy Center.

Encourage the women of your church to attend the Presbyterial Annual Meeting.