Creating the Annual History for your church

Details for creating the Annual History for your church are below. Please send 2 copies to the Presbyterial Historian on acid-free paper. The Resume quality paper at any office supply store is typically acid-free.

Local Women’s Ministries History

1. Cover Sheet

History of Women’s Ministries
Date of your year

Name of church
Address of Church


Name of Local Historian
Signature of Historian
Date History Prepared

2. Additional Pages

Church Name
Women’s Ministry History                       Type this at the top of each page
Page Number

Officers, Department/Committee Chairman
A list of books studied
Programs, special emphasis of WM during the year
Special offerings
Outreach within community and denomination
Circle reports (if you have circles)
Reports of various committees
List of recipients of certificates
Copy of printed programs, yearbook, etc.
Any other information you wish to include concerning your local Women’s Ministries

3. Church History (begin on a separate page, with a title page first)

Title Page:

Year of History

Name of Church
Address of Church

4. Include any or all of the following information, or whatever you believe is important to be remembered concerning your church and its history:

Church Officers
Change in personnel
Sunday School information
Youth programs
Men’s programs
Older members programs
Changes to facilities
Special programs – Bible Conference, Missions Conference, Family Conference, etc.
New members
Graduates (high school and college)
Persons who have special accomplishments, school awards, job awards, mission trips, community awards, etc.

5. Other items to send to Bonclarken for file there:
Cookbooks that your church published
Church Directories
Printed church history (10 year, 25 year, 50 year, etc) (Send two copies of this so that one can be sent on to the Archives at Erskine)