Vice President of First Presbyterial

Vice President of First Presbyterial is a one-year term, followed by a year as President, then a year as Past President.


  1. To attend all First Presbyterial Board Meetings (typically April, June after the WM board meeting in Bonclarken, and October/November)
  2. To attend the bi-annual Presbyterial Retreat
  3. To lead the Annual Meeting Committee for First Presbyterial
  4. To write a report of  Vice President activities for each board meeting

The VP is the person responsible for the annual meeting each year. She works with the host church and leads the Program Committee that does the planning for the meeting. This includes the schedule, the speakers, and the music. The meetings held by the Annual Meeting committee and/or the host church are at the VP’s discretion.

The VP is responsible for inviting the speakers and doing any follow-up to ensure the Annual Meeting goes forward successfully.

At the end of the year, the Vice President should transfer all notebooks and other relevant materials to the incoming Vice President. This includes the host church notebook and Page sashes if they were not transferred at the Annual Meeting.

Schedule of Activities

January – April

  • Receive, Pass On, or Start Notebook
  • Write WOC vice presidents, offering help and encouragement, discussing their responsibilities
  • Write WM vice president about your Presbyterial plans
  •  Make reservations for the Family Bible Conference – Feb 1
  • Urge all WOCs to send members to the FBC
  •  Identify the members of the Program Committee, outlining duties of the Host church and other committee members
  • Ask for suggestions for type of program to plan for the Presbyterial meeting
  • Invite all speakers to the annual Presbyterial Meeting – complete by April if possible

May – August

  • Attend WM Annual Meeting
  • Make changes in your Presbyterial plans that were affected by action taken at the WM annual meeting
  • Attend Presbyterial Executive Board meetings
  • Give your report
  • Attend the FBC, including the Presidents/Vice Presidents workshop
  • Collect resources for WOCs
  • Confirm speakers (by phone is best)

September – December

  • Finish annual Presbyterial Meeting program and have printed
  • About two weeks prior to the annual Presbyterial Meeting send programs to all Presbyterial participants
  • Write thank-you notes
  •  Prepare committee reports for Fall Presbyterial Board Meeting
  • Attend Fall Presbyterial Board meeting
  • Revise and update notebooks and schedules
  • Finish year’s work
  • Give notebooks to successor