Chairman for Missions and Outreach for First Presbyterial

The Missions and Outreach Chair of First Presbyterial is a two-year position starting in even-numbered years (as of January, 2014).

The Missions and Outreach Chairman for First Presbyterial is a member of the Church Extension committee (part of Outreach North America) and the World Witness Committee of First Presbytery. Membership of these committees includes attending stated and called meetings. Church Extension stated meetings are the first Thursday of February, May, and September.

The M&O Chairman also attends the stated and called meetings of the First Presbyterial Women’s Ministries Board, typically October, May, July (at FBC) and the Annual Meeting in August

The Chairman will update the Mission to Church Partnerships each year and include it in the package provided to each church at the First Presbyterial Annual Meeting in August. Also in this package include information such as the following:


  • MT3 brochure
  • Scotland brochure
  • Newsletter
  • Prayer Partners booklet

World Witness

  • WW brochure
  • LoveLines
  • Sahiwal School of Nursing
  • Pakistan Children’s Ministry sponsorship
  • List of Missionaries and their birthdays

ARP Magazine brochure

Jubilee Birthday overview

Other resources for evangelism and outreach.

ONA and World Witness are very helpful. Just contact them with the # of items you expect to need (church packets plus a few for the exhibit table) and they will have a box out to you in a few days. Definitely contact the World Witness WM Liaison for packet ideas and coordinate getting her information.