Voting on Business

Some years we have business to vote on at the Annual Meeting.

According to the Bylaws in article III on Representation:
The voting body of this organization shall consist of:

1.  All officers as listed in Article IV of the Constitution
(That is: Presbyterial President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Past President.  Presbyterial Ministry chairmen: Spiritual Life, Missions and Outreach, Family Care, Historian)
2.  Chairmen of Standing Committees
3.  Past Presidents of First Presbyterial
4.  ARP Women’s Ministries Board members who are members of First Presbyterial
5. The President of the local church women’s organization – Alternate: her Vice President
6. The Treasurer of the local church women’s organization – Alternate: a board member in her local church women’s organization.
7.  Two representatives from each local church women’s organization

Notice the last 3 items in the list apply to your local church. One item of business to address before coming to Presbyterial would be identifying anyone who will attend as a delegate to vote and perhaps discuss the topic to be voted on so the delegate is prepared.