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The Presbyterial Board

Let me introduce you to the Presbyterial Board, and talk a bit about what we do.

The main goal of the Women’s Ministries Presbyterial Board is to encourage the women in churches in First Presbyterial to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and serve Him. We use resources provided by the Women’s Ministries (formerly Synodical) board and we, in turn, support the Women’s Ministries Board.

The Board is coordinated by a President. She organizes the 3 board meetings a year, pulling together the agenda, and working to see that the business of the board is performed. That business typically includes the Annual Meeting in October, the Retreat every other year, and supporting the Women’s Ministries Annual Meeting and Showcase at Bonclarken in July.

These meetings and the retreat are great ways to encourage fellowship, spread information about the Bible study books and other resources, and provide speakers to provide spiritual encouragement and growth, and information about the missionary efforts of our denomination. The President also attends three meetings with the Women’s Ministries Board, where she meets with other Presbyterial Presidents and Representatives, and the Women’s Ministries Board.

The Vice President attends the 3 board meetings a year, and coordinates with the host church for the Annual Meeting each October. She has a notebook with details about the prior Annual Meetings to provide guidance on the content for the meeting. She is able to provide guidance and support to the host church to ensure speakers are secured and details are handled. The Vice President becomes President the next year.

The President picks someone to be Secretary for her year. The Secretary attends the three board meetings and writes up the minutes of those meetings.

The Present then serves one year as Past President, attending the board meetings and providing guidance or advice to the President and the Board.

The Treasurer serves a two year term, managing the money sent to the Presbyterial by the churches. Some of this money is then sent to the Women’s Ministries to support that board and Synodical Hall upkeep and the Coordinator’s salary. Some is kept in the Presbyterial account to support the Annual Meeting, Retreat, and Board expenses. For example, this money pays for the President to attend the 3 Women’s Ministries board meetings each year, as some meetings require an overnight stay.

The Historian serves a two year term receiving the History submissions from the churches, providing guidance to the churches for writing those histories, and writing a history for the Presbyterial to be submitted to the Women’s Ministries historian. The Historian also handles Life Membership and Love Gift pins and certificates

The Spiritual Life Chair serves a two year term seeking to strive to advance the spiritual growth of the women through Bible study, prayer, observance of the Lord’ s Day, family worship and regular church attendance. She shares details of the Bible study books selected by the Women’s Ministries board and other good resources for women and family spiritual growth.

The Missions and Outreach Chair serves a two year term with the objective of sharing with the women in First Presbytery information about and ways to support local and foreign missions. This includes being a member of the Presbytery committees for World Witness and Church Extension, and sharing updates on church planting in First Presbytery as well as missionary status abroad.

With some flexibility to them, these positions are not too time-consuming. The meetings of the Board are kept to 3 a year. One in March/April, one the day before or day of the Annual Meeting at Bonclarken in July, and one held briefly the morning of the Annual Meeting in the fall. But it is hoped that the continuity of a Board, the organization of the Annual Meeting and Retreat, and the support of the Women’s Ministries board are of benefit to the women of First Presbytery and of the ARP Denomination.

Along with this, we form a committee to coordinate the Retreat every other year, and a Nominating Committee to find women to fill the board positions that come open every year (Vice President and 2 Chair positions every year).

If you are interested in serving in any of the board positions or on the committees, please contact any board member. We would love to hear from you!