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World Hunger set up
I want to share something the Huntersville ARP church did recently. We have allowed the Baptist church across the street to use our parking lot for their annual World Hunger sale. This is a huge yard sale held every year, with donations coming in from anyone interested, and then sold one Saturday morning in various departments manned by members of the Baptist church. They routinely bring in $5,000 or even as much as $8,000 between the yard sale and a silent auction. These proceeds go to local food pantries and a charity the Baptist church partners with in Haiti.

Last year one of our women decided we should do more than just allow parking. After some discussion, it was decided that HARP would host one of the departments on our front lawn. It was very convenient, a place to wander through on the way to or from the rest of the sale. Six weeks before the sale, volunteers from our church began showing up during the two drop off times every Friday and Saturday. We sorted, wrapped, and packed Home Decor items. The clearly labelled boxes were then stored in storage bins until the big weekend. World Hunger table prep

Several volunteers came out on Friday to help set up the tables, unpack boxes, organize and coordinate all the items, and then cover it all in plastic.

We had more flowers and baskets than you could imagine. Lots of lamps, floor lamps, desk lamps, bedside lamps, with lamp shades of every size, shape and color. We had lots of pictures and artwork, some of it worth a nice penny. We had knickknacks, and candles, and lots of miscellany. After several hours of setup and covering, we headed home.

World Hunger prep - cover pan

The next morning came early, and it was dark and chilly. More volunteers met to start uncovering and get a feel for what was where. And for a bunch of people who apparently don’t go to yard sales, we were praying as we haggled prices. And we reminded everyone it was all for a good cause. A few rotations of volunteers and several hours later, most of it was gone.

See all those lamps!   And more lamps, and artwork.

What was left got packed up in boxes again and then put on a tractor trailer headed to a town in West Virginia. What great fun pooling our resources with an existing event and church. We are already making plans for next year!

2013 WH sale breakdown 2013 WH sale7

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