Minutes of the 106th First Presbyterial Annual Meeting

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First Presbyterial Women’s Ministries 106th Annual Meeting Minutes
October 19th, 2013

Laura Navarro, President, called the meeting to order. A quorum was established.

Attendance by 127 women, representing 24 churches.

Connie Savell issued the welcome to Boyce Memorial.

Pastor Nick Napier of Boyce Memorial performed the Invocation.

Lil introduced the missions speaker, Tricia Bond who spoke on John 10:2-5 and also verses 11-15.  Jesus calls us by name, daily, to come and follow Him.  As His sheep, we hear His voice and respond by sharing with others and stopping along the way to minister to others.

Lil introduced the keynote speaker Kendra Graham who spoke on Psalm 23:1 and John 10:1-3.  Who do you say Jesus is?  Jesus, the Shepherd calls us and cares enough about us to put us in a place for our safety, not for our comfort.

Laura offered the offertory prayer and blessing.

The offering was taken.  The total was $479.50

Lunch was served in the Fellowship Hall.


The meeting was called to order by Laura Navarro who spoke on the following topics:
Vote on business

Each church may have up to four Delegates– the Women’s Ministries President (or Vice-President in the President’s absence), the Women’s Ministries Treasurer (or another Board member in the Treasurer’s absence), and two at large (non Board member) Delegates.

  1. Recommendation:
    The First Presbyterial Board recommends that the chairman positions of Family Care, and Local Church Contact be eliminated from the First Presbyterial Board starting with the 2014 term.

Constitution Amendment:
Article IV, B – modify to remove specific chairman roles
Current: B. Ministry Chairmen: Spiritual Life Chairman; Missions and Outreach Chairman; Family Care Chairman; Historian and other ministry leaders as needed to carry out the work.

Proposed: B. Ministry leaders as needed to carry out the work.

ByLaws Amendments:

Propose to remove Article VI, Sections 4 and 6 Renumber Section 5 as Section 4

There was no discussion or questions.

The vote passed with no opposition.

Nominating Committee was: Cathy Houck, Mary Lineberger, and Vicki Marsh

The list of proposed officers for 2014

  • President Lil Summerville
  • Vice President Margie Persons
  • Past President Laura Navarro
  • Secretary Penny Wilson
  • Treasurer  Beth Smith
  • Missions and Outreach  Veronica Unda
  • Spiritual Life  Mittie Douglass
  • Historian Linda Hardin

There was no discussion or questions.

The vote passed with no opposition.

Report from Church Extension

Randy Foster gave a report from Church Extension, including the following points:

  1. Church Extension does 3 things: receives churches into Presbytery; church revitalization and mobilization; plants mission churches.
  2. Women’s Ministry is the heart and soul of the church.  It upholds the hands of pastors in a marvelous way.  Could Women’s Ministry uphold the hands of the Church Extension committee by adopting a mission church?  Providing encouragement, etc.?
  3. Looking forward to partnering with the Missions and Outreach committee

Memorial Service

Linda Hardin, Historian, read the names of the women who passed away in the last year.

Installation of Officers

Connie Savell installed the 2014 officers:

  •  President:   Lil Summerville
  • Vice President:  Margie Persons
  • Past President: Laura Navarro
  • Secretary:   Penny Wilson
  • Treasurer:   Beth Smith
  • Missions and Outreach:  Veronica Unda
  • Spiritual Life: Mittie Douglass
  • Historian: Linda Hardin

Invitation to the 2014 Meeting

Cathy Hunt issued the invitation as Coddle Creek ARP Church in Mooresville will host the 107th annual meeting on October 18th, 2014.

Passing of the Gavel

Laura Navarro gave her closing speech. She also encouraged the use of the websites www.arpwm.org and www.firstarpwm.org.

Response and Closing Prayer

Lil Summerville, newly installed President, gave the closing remarks and ended in prayer. The meeting was followed by Workshops and a Showcase:

Treasurer’s Workshop, Beth Smith
Bible Study Workshop, Laura Navarro

Showcase of Ideas and Information, Board Members

You can download a copy of the minutes here.

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