A Word about Women’s Ministries

Our Vision for Women’s Ministries

To encourage and equip the community of ARP women to minister together for God’s glory and purpose.

Strategic Challenges

  • Encourage every woman to grow in their relationship to God through His Son, Jesus Christ
  • Equip women to glorify God through their relationships with other women
  • Equip women to glorify God through their service in the local church, their communities, and the world
  • Equip leaders to guide women in fellowship together, in service among women, the local church, community, and the world
  • Pray faithfully for church leaders and ARP Women’s Ministries


A letter to the President:

You’re President of your local church Women’s Ministries, Congratulations! Your title may not be President and your local organization may not be called Women’s Ministries. The details vary much more than just a few years ago when it was the Women of the Church with a specific list of board positions and ministry chairs. The benefits of the change are that you have the freedom to do what works for your church and call it something that fits in the culture of your church. Maybe it’s a women’s council, or a committee for women’s discipleship, or something entirely different.

You are not required to have a board or set positions. You are not required to gather dues or even have a clear list of members. Women’s Ministries is the ministering of women together for each other and to each other. This means a small church with a few women still has Women’s Ministries, even if it’s just having coffee with one another or chatting while tending nursery.

Your job may consist in organizing meetings of your Board, Council, Committee, or group of willing women to discuss ways to encourage and equip the women of your church. Your primary function may be to ensure communication from Presbyterial and Women’s Ministries about events and resources is communicated to the women in your church. You can encourage ministry opportunities like a group meeting for Bible study, or a brunch with a speaker, or a service for the community.

In the ARP we have a Presbyterian form of government, and the structure of the Women’s Ministries matches that to some degree. Within the Presbytery which is a regional governing identity, the women have a Presbyterial Board or representative. This person or Board has responsibilities to all the women in ARP churches in that Presbytery. In First Presbytery, the Presbyterial Board coordinates an Annual Meeting on the 3rd Saturday of October and a Retreat at Bonclarken every other year. We have a Treasurer who collects donations and offerings from local churches and coordinates passing most of that on to the Women’s Ministries at the top level of the denomination. We also have ministry chair positions for Missions & Outreach, Historian, and Spiritual Life. These chairwomen are available to provide encouragement and resources to aid you in meeting the needs of the women in your church.

Above the Presbytery, our denomination’s governing body is called Synod. For many years, we had the Women’s Synodical Union (WSU) to represent the women at that level. Now we just call it Women’s Ministries. We also have a Women’s Coordinator, Elizabeth Burns. She is a salaried employee of Women’s Ministries who travels to churches and retreats and is available by email and phone for discussions about women’s ministry in your church.

Reach out to the Presbyterial contacts, the Women’s Ministries board, or the Coordinator.

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