Tips for Coordinating

Tips for Women’s Ministry Presidents and Coordinators

  1.  Talk to your predecessor.  Ask for helpful information and any advice she may have for you.
  2. Create a notebook ; it could contain our Presbyterial constitution or your local one.  It is also a good idea to have a record of what must be done during the calendar year.  Any information on how those events were handled is always helpful.
  3. Contact information.  Have addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses of your board and church ladies.  Our websites, and, also contain much helpful information.
  4. It would be wise to set meeting dates well in advance, if possible.  This would include your local board meeting, circle meetings, special events, etc.  Get them on everyone’s calendars, especially the master calendar of your church.
  5. Communicate!  Always stay in contact with your board, especially.  Remind them of meetings or any information you require from them.
  6. Delegate your work to your board.  That’s what they are there for.  It is more rewarding, less stressful, and more fun to work together.
  7. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  From your Board, from First ARPWM or from ARPWM.  That’s why we are here.  Also, your pastors want to help you, especially if you have questions on the Bible study for the year.
  8. Keep your pastors informed about what is going on in your women’s ministry.  Some churches have the women’s ministry president give a report to Session at some point or have your year-end report entered into the Session minutes.
  9. You may not have a traditional women’s ministry; but if you have women and they meet together, you do have a women’s ministry.  Remember that our vision statement says that we exist to “encourage and equip the community of ARP women to minister together for God’s glory and purpose.”

 (I adapted these tips from Carolyn Taylor, Catawba Presbyterial President)
Lynn Robinson, 2012 First Presbyterial President

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