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It has been a joy to serve as Presbyterial President this year.   Our vision statement says that we exist to “encourage and equip the community of ARP women to minister together for God’s glory and purpose.” This purpose involves discipleship and growing together in Christ. Not all of us have traditional women’s ministries; but if you have women who meet together, you do have a women’s ministry.

If we invest the time to get to know each other and develop relationships, it will change the face of our ministry.  We invite your ideas as to how we can get to know each other better. Please write to me, Laura, and our board. We want to hear what is going on at your church; we want to listen to what you need.

Our board has discussed adding a position to reach out to non-English speaking churches, but that will not be voted on today. It is still under discussion; so I present it not as business, but information. Veronica Unda, will help us reach out to these churches this coming year, as we further consider how we can best connect with them. From our ARPWM board meeting last weekend, I have several things to share:  The board has proposed changes in the bylaws, which will be voted on at the 2013 Annual Meeting: 1. That the advisor appointed by Synod, (and that this role currently falls to the Director of Central Services)  be added to our bylaws. This codifies Synod’s action. 2. As an outreach of encouragement to the church plants, the Board approved sending Seminar invitations (Woman to Woman) to the wives of those pastors and offering to waive the fees for up to three women in their church plant who would like to attend, one of which hopefully would be the pastor’s wife.  Invitations will go out during the registration period for any given Seminar date. Two further notes: most Presbyterial presidents had as their greatest passion developing relationships. Next, a report on giving: it is down. Please take note of this. In our own Presbyterial, about 15 of our 80+ churches have given financial support this year–($2 per woman in your church per year).

Please use available resources to stay connected: our websites— and The ARP magazine, which always has helpful information, will be our focus for 2013, following our current focus, Bonclarken . Our suggested study books on the epistles of John are listed in the bulletin. There are excellent study guides available on the website, which you can download on your computer. I have several sets that I have brought for you to see at the Bible study workshop.

One more request: please complete the contact sheet that was at the registration table. Also, help us correct errors in current contacts. Don’t forget our upcoming retreat, Nov. 2-3 at Bonclarken.  You can still register.     Lynn Robinson

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