Focus on Bonclarken!


(These were compiled by the ladies who attended our Gastonia area meeting and a meeting of Presidents at the Family Bible Conference.)

This year First Presbyterial is focusing on Bonclarken and the ways we can support and take advantage of this wonderful resource for the ARP.

Invite Chip Scherer to speak at your church.

Promote the Family Bible Conference by offering a scholarship for attendance.

Invest in the brick program for Camp Joy.  Buy a brick.



Have a weekend retreat there for your church.

Churches from various areas might have a retreat at Bonclarken.

Contribute items to the Gift Shop there.

Work at Bonclarken during work week for beautification projects.

Have a new members day at Bonclarken.



Have a Sunday retreat for your church there.

Promote it to other church groups as a good meeting place (more money to support Bonclarken.)

Give financially to Bonclarken.

Mention Bonclarken in articles in your bulletins and newsletters.

Help to provide scholarships for Camp Joy.

Help to provide scholarships for youth conferences and retreats.



Pray for the staff as they host groups and manage the grounds and buildings.

Send “praying for you” notes to the staff.

Use Bonclarken as a place for your family reunions or retreats.

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