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The 104th Annual Meeting of the First Presbyterial Women’s Ministries met August 20th, 2011, at Pressly Memorial ARP Church in Statesville. Minutes available here.

First Presbyterial President Vicki Marsh presided over the meeting. Lisa Myers, VP of the Pressly Memorial WOC welcomed the women, and Dr. Stephen Myers gave the Invocation.

The Missionary Speaker was Judi Hodges, formerly a Jubilee Birthday Lady supported by the Women’s Ministries. Judi Hodges shared how we mimic and resemble the people we spend time with. She humorously told us how she looks in the mirror and sees her Mom, and how she hears her Mom come out of her very own mouth! People will say, “You’re just like your Mom.” God wants of to have this same family resemblance in His Family. He is calling us to be like His Son, to invite Him into every aspect of our lives. Judi prayed that our reflection will be that of Christ!

The Keynote Speaker was Valerie Shepard, wife of Walt Shepard and daughter of Jim and Elisabeth Elliot.

Valerie Shepard shared the need for prayer. She challenged us to begin prayer groups for our pastors and churches. She told us that God is most glorified when we are desperate for His help, because He’s in the business of helping His children. She said we, as women, are quick with our tongues. We tend to share our troubles with 5-10 friends! The problem is that they do not have the same heart as God. We should take our problems to the Lord, and leave them in His lap. Here is the prayer she shared:

Lord Jesus, pour out a spirit of grace and supplication upon me and upon Your body the Church!  Build us and transform us to become a house of prayer for all nations!  I long to be a dwelling place for Your Spirit as you shape me into a purpose-filled, Kingdom-advancing disciple.  May Your house be known for prayer that delights Your heart and moves Your hand!

Val also shared another favorite quote, from Janet Erskine Stuart:”When we get our own way, we nurse a hideous idol called self, but if we give up our own way, we GET GOD.!”

After special music from Lindsay Hunt and Cathy Lefsky from Coddle Creek ARP, we took a break for lunch. The meeting resumed to deal with the business for 2011. The vote on the meeting date was approved for the 3rd Saturday in October. The slate of officers provided by the nominating committee was approved. The new President of First Presbyterial, Lynn Robinson, rose to speak and close us in prayer. She reminded us that Jesus was the most dependent person on the earth. If he needed to be close to God in prayer, how much more do we. She challenged us to pray for her and the Board and for each other this year.

The meeting ended with the Treasurers session and the Showcase where the officers and committee chair men were available to review materials and pick up packets.

(joint authors Lynn Robinson and Laura Navarro)

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